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Autodesk Revit 2020 delivers several new functionalities. One that stands out from the rest was created for the structural engineer. Steel Connections for Dynamo and its sample scripts will help engineers to work more productively when modelling, placing steel connections, optimizing design and material consumption.

AutodeskRevit 2020提供了多种新功能。从结构工程师那里创造出一个与众不同的产品。Revit平台上的可视化编程工具Dynamo及其脚本的钢结构连接功能将帮助结构工程师在建模、放置钢结构连接件、优化设计和计算材料消耗时更高效地工作。


Dynamo for Revit users can create rules for adding steel connections on a structure or a selected part of it, based on new Dynamo nodes that are grouped under a new package called Autodesk Steel Connection 2020. These nodes can identify similar geometrical conditions for placing standard and custom connections and enable a simple flow of rules. Starting from previously selected model elements, these are grouped into potential connection nodes. They are filtered on certain criteria (which can be related to section, slope angle, slant angle, angle between the axes of the elements, and zone type). Finally, the connections are placed.

Dynamo for Revit的用户可以基于在名为Autodesk Steel Connection 2020的新软件包下分组的新Dynamo节点,创建用于在结构或其选定部分上添加钢结构连接件的规则。这些节点可以识别用于放置标准和自定义连接并启用简单的规则流。从先前选择的模型元素开始,这些元素被分组为潜在的连接节点。它们根据某些标准进行过滤(可能与截面,倾斜角度,倾斜角度,元素轴之间的角度和区域类型有关)。最后,放置钢结构连接件。

But before all of this starts to sound too technical, it’s important to point out that the rules can be controlled from Revit by using the Dynamo player where the main parameters can be tweaked so that connections are placed as needed. The collection of out-of-the box scripts that are delivered with the Dynamo package represent both tools for immediate use of placing various connections types in steel buildings and building blocks for bespoke workflows, depending on the requirements of each project.


Democratizing automated processes played a key role in defining our mission and that is why we believe rules need to be controllable by any structural engineer from within the environment that you are most familiar with. And this is what we encourage Dynamo experts to pursue when implementing customized standardization of rules for placing connections by an open rules-based system in their own companies.


Imagine all the benefits of this new tool: increased productivity, greater optimization, and improved quality of modelling by reducing the number of manual operations needed for creating steel connections. In addition, you’ll benefit from improved coordination with architecture and MEP by having a detailed model available for clash checks in the early phases of the project.


Before concluding, it is important to make a reference to another feature aimed at enhancing the modelling productivity for steel connections – Standard steel connections propagation. This delivers an easy and fast way to place a standard connection by propagating it automatically everywhere in the model where an identical context is found. To have more control and a wider range of applicability, the Steel Connections for Dynamo can be used to place standard and custom connections in the selected part of a model based on rules that are configurable and allow for various filtering criteria.

在结束之前,重要的是要提到另一个旨在提高钢连接建模生产率的功能 -标准钢连接传播。这提供了一种简单快捷的方式来放置标准连接,方法是在模型中的任何位置自动传播它,并找到相同的上下文。为了获得更多控制和更广泛的适用性,可以使用Steel Connections for Dynamo根据可配置的规则在标准的选定部分中放置标准和自定义连接,并允许各种过滤标准。

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